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Video Highlights the Collaborative and Inclusive Problem Solving in the Great Lakes Region

CGLI’s industrial water stewardship project identified a framework that Great Lakes companies can use to evaluate their water stewardship initiatives. After exploring various water stewardship tools, the project team concluded that the Alliance for Water Stewardship International Water Stewardship Standard (AWS-IWSS) provides a valuable tool for assessing Great Lakes industrial water stewardship provided certain implementation measures are incorporated to reflect the unique characteristics of the Great Lakes region.

With production assistance provided by Detroit Public Television and funding provided by the Great Lakes Protection Fund, CGLI completed a video that highlights the collaborative aspects of the project. The video features project team member Jim Nicholas (nicholas-h20) discussing the multi-stakeholder approach taken by the project team and how collaboration between water users, conservation advocates, and resource managers in the region can generate outcomes that are both good for the economy and protect and restore freshwater resources. The video is viewable on CGLI’s website at:

CGLI is considering next steps in facilitating water stewardship assessments. Potential initiatives may include the development of a regional “road map” for applying the AWS-IWSS in the Great Lakes region; creating an industry work group to participate on the stakeholder group that will develop regional guidelines for the implementation of AWS-IWSS in North America; and identifying companies in the Great Lakes region that may be interested in participating in a demonstration project that involves the application of the AWS-IWSS in operating Great Lakes facilities.