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New CGLI initiative will explore regional sustainability

CGLI will launch a new initiative this year that will enable industry to develop a regional sustainability strategy for the Great Lakes region. The strategy may consist of a framework, set of principles, suite of metrics, general guidelines, or some other mechanism that embodies principles of sustainability specific to the Great Lakes region.

Industry participants will develop the strategy at three or four facilitated workshops over a 12-month period. Workshop activities may include (1) assessing the regional applicability of global sustainability goals (e.g. UN Sustainable Development Goals); (2) identifying future trends affecting regional sustainability; (3) developing (or distilling) principles of sustainability specifically applicable to the Great Lakes region; and (4) advancing the business case for how regional sustainability leadership can deliver tangible corporate results and regional economic improvement.

The process will culminate in a white paper for participants, policymakers, stakeholders, and the public. The white paper will provide information about the role that Great Lakes industry plays and can play in ensuring that the Region’s natural resources (water, minerals, forests, energy, etc.) support economic activity in harmony with long-term consideration for regional ecosystems and human communities. The initiative will be open only to invited industry representatives, so please contact CGLI for more information.