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CGLI leads outcome-based projects and studies that are designed to develop industry-focused responses to Great Lakes issues.

In 2017, CGLI partnered with the Great Lakes Commission to lead a study that will determine the economic impact of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. Phase I of the project began to assess the economic impact of the GLRI to enable better communications about how protecting and restoring the natural environment is generating economic benefits for communities across the region. A second phase of the project will begin in March 2018 to expand on the Phase I results and yield a more comprehensive estimate of the economic impact of GLRI investments. Phase II will include an economic modeling component and case studies that provide context, narrative, and “relatability” to complement the results of the economic modeling. More information is available on CGLI’s GLRI Project page.

From 2013 to 2015, CGLI led the third phase of a project entitled Optimizing Industry Water Use: Applying Water Stewardship Tools by Great Lakes Basin Industries. Information about CGLI’s Industrial Water Stewardship project is available on CGLI’s Industrial Water Stewardship Project page.