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Phase II: Evaluating the Use of Water Stewardship Tools by Great Lakes Basin Industries

During Phase II of CGLI’s water stewardship project, CGLI grouped available water stewardship tools into four broad categories based on their major elements: water use accounting tools; business risk assessment frameworks; reporting and disclosure protocols; and standards and certification frameworks. In Phase II, the project team evaluated water stewardship tools in all four categories, focusing only on the tools that were available (not still under development) at the start of the project. Elements of the tools were pilot tested at four industrial facilities in the Great Lakes Region. After these evaluations, the project team found that:

  • Individually and collectively, water stewardship tools have potential for significant value.
  • The tools were developed for different purposes and no one tool provides all the answers.
  • Data precision, site boundary delineation and metrics definitions can significantly affect the results.
  • Context can be critical to defining the value of a metric.
  • Some metrics are redundant, insufficient or missing.
  • Available tools only partially address the most important water resource management needs inthe Great Lakes Basin.

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