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Phase III: Applying Water Stewardship Initiatives in the Great Lakes Basin

In Phases I and II of CGLI’s water stewardship project, the project team concluded that the international water stewardship tools that were available at that time provided important information for Great Lakes water users but had significant limitations in their ability to rank or assess sustainability performance of industrial facilities in the Great Lakes Basin.

The work established that, while capable of providing important information for Great Lakes water users, the water stewardship assessment tools tested have significant limitations in their ability to rank water sustainability performance or track trends. Specifically,

  • it is not the volume of water withdrawn from Great Lakes Basin sources that is of primary importance, but the potential for impacts on the water and water dependent resources of the Great Lakes system;
  • water stewardship assessment tools should evaluate water recycling/reuse practices and application of best management measures rather than focus only on conservation measures employed at facilities; and
  • the social and economic benefits associated with water use should also be established.

In Phase III, the project team set out to identify and pilot test “a tool kit” that can be used to assess Great Lakes industrial water stewardship. For more information about Phase III of the project, check out an interview of Kathryn Buckner (CGLI President) and Linda Hilbert (Executive Director of Environmental Services for Consumers Energy) for the Greening of the Great Lakes radio show. The interview described motivations for the project, with a particular focus on Consumers Energy’s participation. The interview aired on WJR760AM on November 16, 2014 but you can catch the conversation on by clicking here.

Watch the video below to learn about New Page Corporation’s leadership in water stewardship and motivation for engaging in the project:

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