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CIGLR offers opportunity for research partnerships

A new research institute in the Great Lakes region (the Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research, or CIGLR) is interested in partnering with industry and other partners and affiliates to develop a research agenda for the Great Lakes. CIGLR was created in June 2017 with a $20 million grant from NOAA to increase collaboration among government, academic, NGO, and industry researchers that are focused on Great Lakes issues. Nine universities and numerous NGO and private sector partners are collaborating in the consortium. CIGLR’s research priorities include a wide range of Great Lakes issues, including issues that impact the human dimension of the Great Lakes system.

CIGLR has created a modest grant program for 2018 that enables partners and affiliates to work with university research staff, students, and other Great Lakes organizations on issues related to Great Lakes water resources. Opportunities include the possibility of convening a summit or work group to explore a long-term topic or working with a summer research fellow on an issue of interest to industry. Additional information about these programs is available on the CIGLR website (, click on the link for ‘Opportunities’).