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Comment Papers

CGLI prepares and submits written comments on proposed and developing programs, regulations, and initiatives in the U.S. and Canada. CGLI’s comments provide an industry perspective and help to influence policy so that it reflects the needs and concerns of Great Lakes industries.

CGLI has prepared, contributed to, or formally endorsed the following comments:


June 14–Acknowledging the importance of commercial water use in the International Water Stewardship Standard

June 15–Comments on the Binational Screening Criteria for Chemicals of Mutual Concern

June 21–Comments on revisions to Compact/Agreement procedures


March 3–Comments on NWNA Application for Increased Water Withdrawal at White Pine Springs Well, Osceola County

April 3–Comments on First Triennial Assessment of Progress on Great Lakes Water Quality

April 4–Joint CGLI/Great Lakes Metro Chambers Coalition Letter re FY2018 Funding for GLRI

April 14–Comments on IJC PBDE Workshop Report

July 10–Comments on Annex 3 CMC identification process after Great Lakes Executive Committee meeting

July 24–Comments on IJC Fertilizer Study

August 1–Comments on draft binational management strategies for PCB and HBCD


January 19–Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Act of 2015 Letter

January 25–CGLI Lake Superior LAMP Comments

February 2–CGLI Maritime Transportation System Strategy draft Comments

August 9–CGLI Comments on International Joint Commission Water Quality Board PBDE Report

August 12–CGLI Comments on Alliance for Water Stewardship Standard Development Procedure

October 7–CGLI Comments at the Great Lakes Commission Annual Meeting 2016

October 18–CGLI Great Lakes Public Forum Statement

November 10–CGLI Comments on IJC Microplastics Recommendations

November 29–AAI on LCSA implementation issues 11-29-16


January 30–GLMRIS-Brandon Road Proposal Comments

April 17–Ontario Great Lakes Protection Act

June 3–CGLI Comments on Candidate CMC Binational Summary Reports

June 30–IJC Ten Year Review

July 29–Great Lakes Executive Committee (GLEC) June 24-25 Meeting Comments

August 28–CGLI CMC Process Letter to Annex 3 Co-Leads and GLEC


July 3–Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Action Plan II (2015-19) Comments

July 3–Great Lakes Executive Committee June 4, 2014 Meeting Comments

July 3–Canada-Ontario Great Lakes Water Quality and Ecosystem Health Comments

October 7–Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Action Plan II (2015-19) Summary and Overview


July 12–Science‐Based Framework for Great Lakes Restoration Comments


August 6–Ontario Great Lakes Protection Act