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Mission & Vision

Our Mission 

CGLI’s mission is to promote the economic growth and vitality of the region in harmony with its human and natural resources (sustainable development).

CGLI is a tax-exempt organization representing the common interests of U.S. and Canadian companies that have significant assets in the Great Lakes basin. CGLI works to ensure that industry is a substantive partner in the public policy development process in the Great Lakes region.

Vision for the Great Lakes Region

The Great Lakes basin is endowed with a natural regional identity through its supply of 20% of the world’s fresh water resources, productive labor force, highly-ranked educational institutions, diverse transportation system and integrated manufacturing supply network. The region is also unique because it is binational. Cooperation among the two national governments, the Great Lakes States and Provinces, and other regional stakeholders is needed to meet common goals. The protection and responsible use of the distinctive natural environment of the region and a healthy and competitive regional economy are dependent on each other.

The Great Lakes region is distinctive in that it has become a proving ground for the development of regional policies that could have and have had significant impact on other areas of the United States and Canada. CGLI and its members focus on a broad spectrum of objectives to achieve sustainable development and obtain the desired outcomes for the Great Lakes and the people of the region. Our region is known throughout the world for its environmental leadership and our success in “cleaning up” and preserving our lakes will have far reaching effects.

CGLI’s vision for the future has been shaped by many of the region’s stakeholders. Essential to achieving CGLI’s vision for the Great Lakes basin is broad implementation of an equitable public policy. The region’s emerging issues must be addressed by multiple participants in the Great Lakes regional public policy process. This is the best way to harness the region’s energy and resources behind a collective vision. In addition, regional public policy must be created and implemented utilizing the best science and risk/benefit principles and be based on an integrated view of economic, societal and environmental health and prosperity.

Sustainable Development

CGLI has been involved with, supported, and/or promoted a wide variety of initiatives that promote sustainable development in the Great Lakes region. Key documents that embody sustainable development principles for the region include: