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Water Use and Quality

CGLI’s Water Use and Quality Work Group focuses on industrial water stewardship; water use and access; water conservation and efficiency, water recycling/reuse, and water infrastructure. The work group’s policy focus is the Great Lakes Water Resources Compact and Agreement and the 2012 Protocol to the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. The work group agenda is member-driven but may include such activities as:

  • engaging in efforts to develop collaborative plans for addressing coastal resiliency, fluctuating water levels, and water quality;
  • monitoring analytical studies that evaluate the impact of water withdrawals and water quality impacts;
  • exchanging information about water treatment methods and technologies;
  • evaluating and exchanging best practices and other information about industrial water stewardship, conservation, efficiency and recycling;
  • monitoring developments in wastewater discharge permit programs and municipal treatment programs; and
  • evaluating, monitoring, and providing industry participation when possible in initiatives that address water quality.

Details about CGLI’s Water Use and Quality Work Group are available only to members. If you are not a member and would like to join this work group, please contact us.

Water Use and Quality Work Group Member Page