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Position Statements

CGLI develops and approves official position statements on subjects of critical interest to Great Lakes industry. Position statements address sustainable development policy and initiatives, water quality programs and regulations, water management, and chemicals use and management. CGLI’s position statements support and help to influence ideas and strategies in the Great Lakes region.

Official position statements approved by CGLI are available below.

The New International Trade Crossing (September 2012)
Hydraulic Fracturing (May 2012)
Industry Policy Needs in the Great Lakes Region  (November 2010)
Invasive Species Control Methods (June 2010)
Balancing of Hazard and Exposure Risks through Policymaking (January 2009)
Prescription for Great Lakes Ecosystem Protection and Restoration (January 2006)
Defining the Great Lakes Restoration Agenda (December 2003)
Extended Product Responsibility (May 2003)
Product Stewardship (May 2003)
Product Purchase Preferences (May 2003)
Sustainable Development (May 2003)
Precautionary Approach (February 2002) 
Incineration (February 2002)
Clean Production (September 2000)
Sediments (September 2000)
Virtual Elimination of PBT’s (September 2000)
Zero Discharge (September 2000)
Equitable Regional Public Policy Process (January 1999)
The Boulder Principles-Effective Collaborative Processes on Sustainable Development and Environmental Policy  (1998)
Remedial Action Plan (September 1996)
Brownfields (September 1995)
Virtual Elimination, Chemical Sunsets and Bans (October 1994)