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Industrial Water Stewardship

Welcome to the CGLI Water Stewardship Project Portal

This page links to information about CGLI’s industrial water stewardship project. CGLI is grateful to the Great Lakes Protection Fund for the generous grants that have supported this project.

CGLI has undertaken this project in three phases. Use the links below to access information about the project and key project documents:

A key feature of CGLI’s water stewardship project was the use of an Expert Panel to incorporate multiple diverse perspectives into the development of a water stewardship tool for use by Great Lakes industry. The Expert Panel included representatives of industry, environmental NGOs, and water managers from Great Lakes states and provinces. Engaging the Expert Panel helped the project team assure that the tool or framework is broadly accepted and recognized by the Great Lakes community.

Watch the video below to learn how project team member Jim Nicholas (Nicholas-H2O) describes the importance of multi-stakeholder processes in CGLI’s water stewardship project and in Great Lakes decision-making generally.